Guoyuan An

I am a PhD student. I am interested in neuralmorphic, explainable and easy-to-deploy AI. I was born and raised in China, and received the higher education in Korea; I love these two countires.

Research topic

I am enthusiastic for helping machine manage the real world perceptions, which I called machine memory. I believe it is the foundatmental of machine intelligence. More specifically, I study how to represent, retrieval, and mining the complex patterns among vision, audio, motions, urban change, traffic flow, business record… The operating capability about the perceptions will support expert level applications and help to make the explainable, scalable, and easy to deploy AI systems.

Search an object from millions of images

Guoyuan An, Yuchi Huo, Sung-Eui Yoon
Hypergraph Propagation and Community Selection for Objects Retrieval. NeurIPS 2021

Business and Site Selection; Smart City

Guoyuan An, SungEui Yoon, JaeYoon Kim, Lin Wang, MyoungHo Kim
GraphShop: Graph-based Approach for Shop-type recommendation. SDM 2021

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Either human intelligence ultimately owes its origin to mindless matter; or there is a Creator. It is strange that some people claim that it is their intelligence that leads them to prefer the first to the second. --John Lennox

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